June 11, 2:00am: The 11u, 12u, and 13u teams will have one last “practice” on Wednesday, June 14 from 5:30 – 7:30pm. Actually, its not really a practice. We will be organizing a 3 Point Shooting contest, a Hot Shot competition, and full court scrimmages. We will also have some pizza and snacks. All parents are welcome to come and join our end of year gathering for these three teams. Please let us know if you can come by texting coach Santoro at 845-264-5078 so that we can arrange the competitions and have enough pizza!

June 1, 2:00pm Update: We were just informed that our tournament this weekend CANNOT be moved from Albany to Westchester. Our options are limited. This is an oversight on both the tournament director and us (for not confirming the location this week). We, therefore, will be playing in the Albany with venues similar to that of past Albany tournaments. The schedule is actually already posted. We apologize for the confusion.

June 1, 10:00am Update: There is a mistake on this weekends schedule that was not caught until last night. We are supposed to be playing in the Westchester tournament but we were inadvertently placed in the Albany area. THIS IS A MISTAKE. Please disregard the schedule that has us in Albany. This will be corrected and we will placed in the Westchester area. The schedule will be out later today.

April 14, 3:00pm Update: For those teams that have practice this evening and if you were issued a temporary jersey, please bring it to practice to exchange for your new one. If you don’t have practice, please bring your temporary jersey to your first game this weekend to exchange for your new one. You will NOT be issued your new jersey unless you return the temporary one!

Please remember our uniform dress code. Only the Jersey can be worn. We do not allow anything to be worn under the jersey. Only shorts can be worn. We do not allow athletic leggings or compression garments. In addition, no headbands, wristbands, shooting sleeves, or anything else are permitted to be worn. If you are not sure, please ask your coach or coach Santoro.

The schedule has had some changes but should now be final. If there are any changes from this point forward, an alert will be sent out. But you should always check the schedule!

Good Luck to all the teams this weekend!

March 24, 12:00pm Update: The tournament schedule for this weekend has slightly changed since it was published yesterday. Please check Tourney Machine for the most current times and locations. Also, every team will be playing on Sunday even if a game does not appear. If you do not have a game currently scheduled for Sunday, your time and location will be determined by how you do on Saturday.
Welcome to AAU!

March 19, 1:00pm Update: Edge Athletics WILL be going to the first scheduled tournament as indicated on theTournament Schedule (this upcoming weekend). This will give us only this week to prepare. Although the uniforms will not arrive in time for our first tournament, we have an inventory of enough jersey’s from prior years to be able to fit up those athletes that need them. The jerseys are an older style that a “second run” that we got to keep and are similar to the ones we are getting. They do have numbers and names on them, but we can use them temporarily for this weekend. They will be issued at practice this upcoming week and will need to be returned after the weekend tournament. Those athletes that have uniforms from last year but have ordered a new one for this season are asked to wear their old one for this weekend.

March 15, 5:00pm Update: We are going to move tuition payment and uniform sizing from Thursday to tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 15) from 5pm – 8pm. We are making this change since we are trying to get the uniform order in as quickly as possible, the current inclement weather looks like it will clear out by later today, and the Dutchess County Exceptional Senior game is schedule for Thursday.

March 8, 1:00am Update: Due to the large number of athletes trying out for each age group, our coaching staff has decided that is necessary to hold a third tryout session. Although we are trying to accommodate as many athletes as possible we will unfortunately have to make some difficult decisions. Please make every effort to attend this final tryout. If you cannot attend, and you still wish to be considered for one of our teams, you must contact us by sending an email to info@edgeathletics.com or by sending a text to 845-264-5078.

Sunday, March 12
11u and 12u – 10:00am – 11:30am
13u and 14u – 11:30am – 01:00pm
15u and 16u – 01:00pm – 02:30pm
17u – 02:30pm – 04:00pm

March 3, 8:00pm Update: The second set of tryouts will be held this Sunday, March 5 per the schedule below:

Sunday, March 5
11u and 12u – 10:00am – 11:30am
13u and 14u – 11:30am – 01:00pm
15u and 16u – 01:00pm – 02:30pm

The 17u tryout date will be delayed until playoffs are concluded.

February 27 Update : Due to a recently scheduled High School Sectional IV game, Tryouts scheduled for Monday, February 27 are postponed. The pending inclement weather will also cause some uncertainty in both the high school schedule and, therefore, the tryout schedule. We will continue to post updates here.