Due to the uncertainty of the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic will have on tournaments, the schedule posted below is tentative. We do not anticipate the weekends will change, but locations may change. Possible locations will be listed next to each weekend.

April 17/18 – Westchester Area
May 1/2 – Westchester, Connecticut, Albany
May 15/16 – Westchester, Connecticut, Albany
May 22/23 – Westchester, Connecticut, Albany
June 5/6 – Westchester, Connecticut, Albany
June 12/13 – Westchester, Connecticut, Albany

After discussions with the staff at Zero Gravity, we are confident that the weekends listed for our tournaments will not change. However, due to the uncertainty that still remains, we will not know the general location of our tournaments until a week or two prior. This is caused by the ever changing requirements/restrictions that the host facilities may impose on the tournament organizers. We are hopeful that the environment will stabilize and improve over the next few months.

Please be aware of the following:

  1. Attendance for spectators will likely be restricted.
  2. There will not be concessions at game locations.
  3. Teams MAY be required to wear masks while playing
  4. Social distancing measures MAY be in place at each location.
  5. Games may be ALL played on Saturday, Sunday, or both.
  6. There will likely NOT be playoffs for each weekend.
  7. Other requirements driven by Covid-19 in each municipality.