Edge Athletics has been training athletes at all levels for the last two decades. From 9 year olds all the way up to Division I College players, the best train with us. Our skills trainers provide practical applications of skill sets and work perfecting those skils to improve your game in GAME situations. They are not intended to create “cool” looking Instagram video’s!

Our training sessions make use of four shootaway guns along with the computerized NOAH system to work with athletes on a range of practical ball handling techniques, how to create space, come off screens, shooting off the catch and shooting off the dribble. In addition, we have the finest shooting instructors in the Tri-State area that pay attention to every detail to help shooters become the best in the area. Check out the links below for more information.

Peak Performance Basketball

Peak Performance Basketball – 2024

Check out some of the videos and pics below:

Elijah Hughes training with us!
Jake and Chris look a little tired!
Ball screen work – Fall workouts
Drill work at the Edge Athletics 4 day overnight camp – Top 32 College Prep Camp (T32CPC)
More Yoga at Overnight Camp
Cooling off at coaches house after a hard morning at overnight Camp (T32CPC)
Yoga at Edge Athletics Overnight Camp (T32CPC)
Dylan Cervone – Form shooting on the gun
Sofia Feigelson – 94% from behind the arc!
All levels getting a great workout on the gun
Shooting Gallery only at Edge Athletics
Athletes working out BEFORE their coach arrives. Now thats self motivation!
Group Shooting Workout