4/16 10:00pm – Uniform Update

10:00pm – We still do not have our uniforms. Fedex has told us that we may get them for tomorrow but that will not help us for Saturday’s games. However, I was able to put together older uniforms from past years for all of our teams to use. Please still bring your white and dark colored shirt just in case and if you have an old Edge Jersey, please bring that as well. Your coach will have Jersey’s for you for tomorrows games.

Good Luck to everyone!

Unfortunately, we were just informed that due to the tragic shooting at the Fedex facility in Indianapolis late Thursday, our uniform delivery that was expected for this afternoon has been delayed. The officials at Fedex are still trying to see if they can get them to us first thing in the morning, but it is going to be a challenge.

If they arrive in the morning, I will bring all of the teams uniforms with me and try to figure out a distribution system. As a likely needed backup, please bring both a white and dark blue shirt, or any reversible that you might have. Or if you have your old one please bring it. I also have older uniforms that we can use if needed.

The schedule for uniform delivery was tight for this tournament, but we were told that they would arrive in time. Unfortunately, a tragedy has taken over. I ask for you understanding (as this has never happened to us) and please keep things in perspective.

I will provide updates as I receive them.

Coach Santoro

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