Thank you for volunteering your time to be a counselor at the Edge Athletics Basketball Program held at The Poughkeepsie Day School. This is a big responsibility and I appreciate your commitment.  We will rely on you to help make the week that you volunteer a success.  At the conclusion of your week/s, please provide me with any forms that you may need me to sign to demonstrate your completion of community service hours.
There will be a meeting for all counselors on Monday morning of each week at 7:30am.  I will cover responsibilities and expectations at that time.  The following are some of the things that I will cover at the meeting.

1.  You need to arrive at 7:30am the first day for a meeting and no later than 8:30 each day thereafter. 

2.  You will be assigned to athletes based on your age and experience.  If this is your first time as a counselor, you can expect to be working with the younger kids.

3.  If you are going into your Junior year, you must realize that there may  be athletes attending camp that will be your age.  You will be assigned accordingly.

4.  I will be providing you with lunch every day, mostly pizza. 

5.  There will be a concessions stand for the campers only.  Please do not drink the gatorade.  I will provide you with coolers filled with some type of juice.

6.  You are expected to help set up for camp each morning.  Tasks include putting chairs out, filling water jugs, etc.

7,  You are expected to help us clean up at the end of each day.  If everyone pitches in, cleaning up should only take a few minutes.  

8.  Our expectations are that you will take your responsibility with the utmost sincerity.  We understand that you will be learning, in part, how to be a counselor as you go. Your effort will be a key to your success. Here are some tips to help you.

  • The campers need to now that you care about them.  You should get to know their first names on the first day.  
  • It is important for you to engage with the athletes.  Coach them as best you can.  
  • A division director will help you organize drills and practice sessions.
  • During lectures or any other time that either I or one of our directors is speaking to the group, you are expected to be standing and listening. You should not be shooting, dribbling or talking during these times.
  • You will be expected to officiate some of the games.  Please bring your own whistle.
  • You should never coach from a sitting position.
  • There will be a draft where counselors pick teams behind closed doors after an evaluation period.  Trades will be made after teams are created to help balance the talent level.  Please DO NOT discuss trades with any campers!
  • Please keep your cellphone usage to a minimum.  I understand that cell phones are needed in your every day lives, but you need to focus on the tasks at hand.  Phones should be used only as a necessity.
  • You will be given a staff T-Shirt.  This needs to be worn at all times and all day long.  It is important that campers and parents clearly recognize who our staff is at all times.  
  • Please do not wear backpacks during the day.

There are other things that we will discuss on Monday but this is a good start.  Your commitment to the above is critical for the week to be successful.  Please understand that this should be a fun week for the campers, but I also want this to be a fun and good experience for you too.  Your cooperation with the above will help ensure that happens.
Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Coach Santoro

James C. Santoro
Director, Edge Athletics Camps, Clinics, and Programs
Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Our Lady of Lourdes High School