Its NOT time to put the ball down…!

Our AAU season has come to a close after a very successful weekend for all of our teams.  While the 17u was competing in South Jersey in a college showcase, the rest of the program competed in their final season games at the the Brewster Sports Complex where part of the tournament proceeds were donated to the “Coaches vs Cancer” effort.  In that tournament, the 12u coached by Matt Moore, won its second championship of the year.  Last weekend, the 14u team coached by Adam and Ryan Peek, won its first championship.  Congratulations to both teams!

Despite the season being over, all athletes should continue to play and train.  Aside from playing in the local parks throughout the summer, something that is a must for athletes to develop better instincts and creativity, there are many opportunities to work on different parts of your game.  Summer leagues, camps, clinics, strength and conditioning, and weekly training for shooting, ball handling, etc., are all things that should be considered and pursued.  Here are some things you can do to continue to develop as your skills throughout the summer.

Summer League – If you are a high school player, be sure to contact your high school coach about playing in the summer league at Gold’s gym.  Most local high schools are participating this year.

Local Parks – This is a must for all basketball players.  Playing in the parks in the evenings during the week and then on Saturday and Sunday mornings is a great way to develop creativity and instincts.  There are several local parks that have attracted both high school and college level players including Red Oaks Mill in the Town of Poughkeepsie, the East Fishkill Rec center in Hopewell Junction, Millbank Park in the Town of Poughkeepsie, and Spratt Park in the city of Poughkeepsie.  These are many others.  Get together with your friends and teammates and get to the park!

Camps – Edge Athletics hosts traditional and specialized offensive skills camps throughout the summer.  This camp is the most cost effective way to continue to play basketball all week long, and to further develop your offensive skills.  There is still time to sign up!  For more information, please visit our camp section on this website.

Clinics – Just recently, I had the opportunity to watch some of our athletes train with I’m Possible Training that Edge Athletics sponsored at the Poughkeepsie Day School.  I was very impressed with what I saw and had the opportunity to meet with national skills trainer D.J. Sackman.  He is one of the best I have seen for advanced skills training and I am excited about working with them in the very near future.  I’m Possible is coming to Gold’s gym this weekend, offering a two day session from 9-12 on Saturday and Sunday June 15 and 16.  There is still a limited amount of space available.  For more information please visit the I’m Possible website for more details and to register.

Northstar Training – Norhtstar is a great place for strength and conditioning.  Whether you are basketball player, football player, or play any other sport, Northstar can help you advance to the next level.  Their advanced strength and conditioning techniques have helped may athletes reach their goals.  Specifically both Poughkeepsie High School and Our Lady of Lourdes High school basketball teams both won sectional titles this past season.  Both schools had their athletes train at Northstar. Please visit the website for more information.

Individual Training – Edge Athletics provides opportunities for individual, small groups, and team training to develop and improve shooting skills. With the use of three shooting “Guns” and shooting performance enhancement tool “Noah,” athletes of all skill levels can learn the right way to shoot and become the best in the area.  Contact us at 845-264-5078 for more information.

If you have any questions about any of the above activities, feel free to contact me.

Jim Santoro
Edge Athletics

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