Urgent! Schedule revision – please read!

May 19, 10am –  There is an update to the schedule that only effects the 11u and 12u divisions, and a time change for the 13u Friday night game. Click Here for the schedule link.

Summary of changes:

1.  Albany Dream team added to the 11u division.  Most of the game times remained the same, but match ups are different to accommodate the additional team.
2.  The 1101 v 1103 Friday game is moved to 5pm at PDS
3.  The 1201 v 1204 Friday game is moved to PDS
4.  The 1303 v 1310 Friday game is moved to 7pm at OLL
5.  The  11u and 12u coaches will talk after Saturdays games to set the Sunday afternoon 3pm, 4pm and 5pm (if needed) schedule to create the best competitive games.  Format will also be decided on Saturday.

May 18, 1:30pm – For details on the REVISED “Get an Edge X” schedule please click here.  You will be able to find the weekend schedule and directions to all of the facilities.  The schedule for Edge Teams will be posted to the website calendar later this week.

1.  The 14u schedule did NOT change.
2.  There were minor changes to the 11u and 12u division schedule
3.  There were many changes to the 13u division.

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