Urgent! Hershey Park Tickets Status

Anyone interested in hershey Park tickets for Friday, June 26, must have order in to me with a check no later than this Wednesday.  The following is a status of everyone that has requested and paid for tickets.  If your name is not on this list and you have requested tickets, please let me know ASAP.

Name ______# of Tickets____ Paid
Cirilli                      6              yes
Fields                     3              yes
Burke                     5              yes
Charlebois             3              yes
Jones                     3              yes
Strom                    4              yes
Reilly                     4              yes
O’Donnell              5              yes
Metz                      3             yes
Flynn                     4              yes
Peek                      5              yes
Sisung                   4              yes
Gilmour                 5              yes
Etts                        2              yes
Kelly                      2              yes
Rucker                   2              yes
Schlissel                3              yes
Cone-Douglas       1              yes
Garrant                  4              yes
Franklin                 1              yes
Hughes                  3              yes
Walczyk                 4              yes
Chisholm               1              yes
Decker                   2              yes

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