NorthStar Registration

In order for NorthStar to manage the Training Groups set up by Edge Athletics, each athlete must have an account with NorthStar Sports. Once you have created an account, you will need to sign up in advance for each session. This will enable them to appropriately prepare for each session.

The instructions for setting up an account and registering for sessions are listed below. Please note that your fee for these training sessions are INCLUDED in the fee you paid to Edge Athletics. You will be charged $0 after you enter the promo code as listed below.

The first session starts tomorrow (Thursday, December 3). The training groups and times are as follows:

Edge Training Group I
Edge Training Group II

Edge Training Group III
Edge Training Group IV

If you do not have a current NorthStar account, you will need to download the NorthStar Sports app from the app store. Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to create an account. Below is link for iPhones

In order to create an account, click on the menubar in the upper left hand corner and choose “login.” You will see at the bottom the option to either log in or create account. Choose create account. After creating an account and you have logged in, click on “Buy” and then click on “Edge,” then choose “Edge Performance” for $130. Enter the promo code “Edge” and you will receive the 100% discount, bringing the amount owed to $0. Remember, you have already paid through Edge and there is no amount due to NorthStar.

Once you have an account and have registered please be sure to sign into every class you’ll be attending so we can be prepared for workout logistics and capacity regulations. 

**Please make sure your account name is the athletes name, not the parent. This will avoid any confusion in attendance and payment!**

***Also all athletes must have a signed waiver on their app by their parent. Please go into the profile section on your app and agree to NorthStar Sports terms and conditions.***

Any account related questions please text NorthStar Sports at 845-656-7098

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