On Campus Housing Information for Shippensburg

For our meeting on Tuesday, I ask that all parents think about the following housing and dining opportunity.  We will have to act quickly if we want to satisfy the potential number of requests.

We have a tentative arrangement with Shippensburg University for on-campus housing and on-campus dinging.  The rooms are located in Seavers Complex right on campus.  It is important that we organize quickly as there may only be 60 units available, but enough for our entire program.  Rooms will be available to the entire AYBT on a first come first first serve basis.  Although at this point I only have approximate costs (they are still be negotiated), I do not expect that the fee per bed will exceed $30 per bed, per night and $30 per person per day for the meal plan.  The meal plan is optional, and includes all you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  After discussing with some of the parents the last few days, here are two potential options that were discussed.  I am sure there will be many others:

1.  One family per side assuming two adult parents and one athlete
2.  Five athletes per unit with one adult parent or coach. Parents stay in separate units.

The net is that if you do the math, assuming 10 teams with 10 athletes on a team, we could take 18 units by just accommodating our athletes only (plus an adult parent or coach).  If you add in siblings and parents, we could easily triple that number which could require most of the available units.

I have included a tentative housing request form for download shippinsburg-housing-request.  Please feel free to start planning how you may want to proceed.  Of course, hotels are still an option, but the distances from the campus make it less attractive.

I really think if done right, this could be a great experience.  I will be providing more details on Tuesday.

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