Peak Performance Basketball

Please read the entire note!

  • This evening’s session will be more intense than yesterday.
  • Please be sure to bring “track shoes.”
  • I will provide free water
  • 20oz gatorade available for $1
  • Eat timely and properly prior to coming tonight
  • Consider bringing a light snack (fruit or energy bar preferable)
  • Try to arrive no later than 5:45 if possible (I understand some of you are working so just get here when you can)
  • The head coach from Utica College (Sean Coffey) will be in attendance tonight along with other coaches via zoom
  • Please send me the following information via text (845-264-5078) for inclusion in the College Recruiting Profile Summary that will be given to coaches.
  1. Full Name
  2. Age and Birthday
  3. Height and weight
  4. Approximate GPA (or 90’s, 80’s, etc student)
  5. School you will attend in the fall
  6. Your High School Coach’s Name
  7. Cell phone number
  8. email address
  9. Please don’t send me a self assessment of your skills…I dont need it (Thats for the coaches to do!). I also do not need your stats.

See you tonight and be ready to work!