Practice and Game Changes For This Week

The following are changes to the practice schedule for this week:

The 12u West will practice Wednesday at 5:00pm
The 12u West practice scheduled for Thursday is canceled.

The 13u West will Practice Monday at 6:30pm.
The 13u West are tentatively playing the Golden Eagles on Wednesday at 7:30pm at FDR. This will be confirmed on Monday.

The 13u East practice on Wednesday has been moved to 6:30pm

The 14u practice scheduled for Tuesday is canceled.
The 14u game scheduled for Wednesday is canceled.
The 14u will practice Wednesday at 8:00pm

The 15u West will practice Monday at 8:00pm.  The 6:30 practice time was posted in error.

The 16u West 6:30pm practice on Thursday has been moved to 5:00pm

These changes were necessary to accommodate games scheduled during the week and to prepare for this upcoming weeks tournament.  The weekend tournament schedule will be posted as soon as we receive it.

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