A Note From The Yerry Family

Roger Yerry was a great supporter of the Edge Athletics program.  He loved the work ethic involved in being an Edge athlete.  He believed wholeheartedly in the Edge philosophy of teaching the fundamentals of basketball with strict adherence to skill development.  These basic philosophies are instrumental in building not only great athletic ability but greatness in moral character.

As a physical fitness aficionado and medical doctor, he appreciated the high level of fitness necessary to participate in the program.

Even when he became ill, Roger loved to sit through an entire evening practice and was inspired by the commitment of the coaching staff and perseverance of the athletes.  The six years that his son Adam participated in the program brought much joy to his life.

Roger will be remembered for his loud and enthusiastic cheering at Edge games, great sense of humor, and role as team medical consultant. His family is honored that Edge Athletics is sponsoring scholarships in his memory for the newest generation of athletes and scholars.

The Yerry Family

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