Spring 2012 Junior Division Teams Finalized

The team selections for the spring 2012 AAU season are now complete for the Junior Division (11u, 12u, 13u, 14u).  All team rosters are listed below and are also available on the AAU tab (Click Here).  In all, over 90 athletes tried out for four age divisions.  The large turnout has made the selection process very difficult for us.  In an attempt to accommodate as many athletes as possible, we have created two teams in the 14u division.

Those athletes that did not make any team 11u through 13u are eligible for our development program.  If your are interested in participating in the development program, please send us an email indicating such and we will provide you with further details and instructions.

Coaching assignments are not yet finalized.  The teams are listed with coaches as “TBD” and will be assigned by Sunday evening.

If you have been selected for one of these teams listed below, you need to secure your spot by signing your student/parent contract, getting measured for a uniform, uniform payment, and fulfilling tuition obligation.  If your uniform from last year still fits, you can use it again for this year.  All four of these requirements must be completed on Saturday, March 3, at the Poughkeepsie Day School, between the hours of 8:30am and 10:30am. Tuition and uniform fees can be paid by cash or check (made out to Edge Athletics Club).

The following athletes have been selected for the 11u boys basketball team:
Coach: TBD

Reahl Allen
Casey Burke
Jack Darling
Patrick Kyle
Connor Lee
Hayden Peek
Xavier Powell
Axel Rodriguez
Jack Sims
Colby Whalen

The following athletes have been selected for the 12u team:
Coach: TBD

Ryan Ackert
Christian Burda
Justin English
Adam Fields
Wayne Keller
Ryan Lo
Andrew Moreira
Brian Murray
Sean Reilly
Eric Seckler
Jimmy Verney

The following athletes have been selected for the 13u team:
Coach: TBD

Jonathan Quinn
Carl Rollins
John Smith
Tucker Lee
Charlie Perez
Sam Peek
Corey Burke
Jeffery Timm
Khari Wilmore
Camron Abalos
James Anozie

The following athletes have been selected for the 14u East team:
Coach: TBD

Colin Bemis
Connor Charlebois
Evan Chefalo
Evan Greco
Daniel Napora
Jon Stumberger
Drew Whiteley
Stanley Garrant
Andrew Davis
Grant Harlow

The following athletes have been selected for the 14u West team:
Coach: TBD

Brendan Boyle
Jonathan Diaz
Troy Schoonmaker
Jacob Sellman
Adam Wennersten
Alfredo Sosa
Allan Rappleyea
Luke Timm
Alecs Pabilonis
David Recine
Dupree Humphries

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