Things to know about our home

We are extremely pleased and fortunate to have the Poughkeepsie Day School as the “Home of Edge Athletics”!  Now that our season has officially begun and all of our teams are in place there are a few housekeeping items that you need to know to help ensure that we continue to be welcome here.

1.  When coming to the Poughkeepsie Day School gym, please use the side entrance that leads directly into the gym hallway ONLY.  DO NOT enter the school through the front main entrance or any other entrance.

2.  If the side door is locked, you must remain outside until the doors become unlocked either by me or one of our coaches.

3.  Our program is restricted to use the gym area only.  Please do not enter the main part of the school through the double doors.

4.  Playing in the hallway outside of the gym is PROHIBITED.  Remember, we are guests here and have access to the gym for basketball.  It is not a playground.

5.  Please pick up all water bottles, gatorade bottles, etc., and place them in the trash, even if it’s not yours.  It is important that we keep the gym clean.

6.  Please do not go into the equipment room to get basketballs or anything else.  We are restricted to use the gym and the restrooms only.

7.  If the outside door to the gym is open, but your coach is not here, please take a seat in the gym and wait for your coach to arrive.  You can stretch while waiting, but please do not shoot.

8.  If you come to the gym and there is a PDS school team practicing, please do not go into the gym until the PDS team is finished and completely out of the gym.

9.  If you are waiting outsider the gym for practice to begin, please DO NOT dribble basketballs in the hallway.  There are after school classes going on in the school and the noise from the balls bouncing is a distraction to the students.

Thanks for your help and let’s have a great year!

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