Weekend Tournament Schedule Now Available

The schedule for this weekend is now available.  Click Here for details.  Please note the following:

  1.  Schedule is subject to change.  Even though any changes will be communicated with an alert, please check the schedule again tomorrow evening. It is very likely that the schedule will change.
  2. All teams are guaranteed at least 3 games and all teams are playing on Sunday.  Some teams will not know their times on Sunday until all the Saturday games are completed.
  3. Please check the game locations.  Some teams are playing games as far north as Saratoga as of now, but we are trying to have those games moved closer to Albany.
  4. Although this is the one tournament that may require an overnight stay, it is close enough that it is not required.  Those of you that decide to stay overnight, please shoot me an email letting me know where you are staying and I will post it for others to see.
  5. Please make sure all athletes adhere to the uniform dress code.  If you are not sure what that is, please ask your coach for clarification.

Good Luck to all of our teams!

Coach Santoro

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