Weekend Tournament Schedule Now Available

The schedule for this weekend is now available is now available.   Click Here to view it.  Please remember to review all of the rules and requirements for scorekeepers and clock.  Also, please make sure that all of our athletes strictly adhere to our dress code and the rest of the Edge Athletic requirements.  The following are our requirements for game uniforms:

“To understand that, if selected, you are working to become a better basketball player who might be recognized for your performance on the court. You are NOT participating in a fashion show. In games, you will wear your Edge uniform and only your Edge Uniform (This means headbands, wristbands, jewelry, etc, will not be permitted).  Your socks will be of the same color and worn at the same height.  Shorts will be worn at the waste line.  Tee-shirts of any kind are NOT to be worn under your uniform. Appropriate gear is expected to be worn at all practices.”

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