14E King of The Mountain Recap!

the 14u East Team went 2-2 this weekend including pulling out some impressive wins. We learned a lot about what our team is able to do and the potential we have. If we work hard and play together as a team all the time we can be very good.

In oru first game we played a good Lake Champlain Lakers team that was smaller then us, but used it to their advantage. we jumped out to an early lead and never seemed to let back, but we never tried to put them away when we had the chance, but they never stopped coming. They took a late lead but we were able to take the ball aggressively to the hole in the last two minutes got to the freethrow line and knocked down shots too. The game went into overtime and we were able to hold the off and win 60-59 in a very close game.

In our second game we played the Cornwall Dragons who just lost to the team we played in the fisrt game. We came out and jumped right on them 4-0 and the quickly called timeout. The fisrt half we held the lead for majority of the time and took a 20-17 lead at the half. We came out very sloppy and sluggish in the second half and they took advantage of every mistake we made. We were careless with the ball and they were able to get out and run on us. Once teams do that to us it takes us out of our game and causes us to spiral out of control. This is exactly what happened and we would fall 50-35.

So going 1-1 in our pool gave us the 3rd seed which gave us a game against a Warrior Nation team that was everywhere. They were all over the loose balls and got out and ran on us a little bit. Unlike in the past we kept the game close and even had a 19-16 lead at the break. They never went away even when we had a 10 point lead. We never would give them the lead and would go on to win 34-31.

This set up our most interesting matchup of the season against the Edge 14W Team. Though we didn’t seem to show up to play. We were down by 6 at the half. There bigs did a tremendous job on the boards and they came up with a lot of hustle plays and would eventually go on to win in the showdown between the Edge Teams.

This was the fisrt tournamnet in which we held an even record and the talent wasen’t that much better/worse then what we had been playing. This is telling me that we are coming along as a team and then we can use this as a momentum into the Hershey Tournamnet.

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