Urgent! Teams For Nationals In Jeapordy

As of Thursday, July 9, we now have enough athletes for all teams to participate in Nationals.

Documentation Required –  Copy of birth certificate, photo ID or a recent picture, copy of current year report card.  All three are required.  If you cannot provide one of these items, please let me know ASAP.  The following is the status:

11u – Coach Peek
Connor Charlesbois – Complete
Stanley Garrant – Complete
James Hughes – No Documentation
Eric Jones – No Documentation
Ryan Lo – Complete
Sam Peek – Complete
Hayden Peek – Complete
Tim Reilly – Complete
Brandon Rucker – Complete
Jon Stumberger – Complete
Alex Strom – Complete
Matt Zeoli – No Documentation

12u East – Coach Breitfeller
David Fadden – Complete
Dan Figarella – Pending
Alex Flynn – Complete
Nick Licardi – No Documentation
Joe McClendon – No Documentation
Ryan Metz – Complete
Chris O’Neill – Complete
Arjun Reddy – Complete
David Wallace – Complete

12u West – Coach Santoro
C. J. Burke – Pending
Ishmael Chisholm – Complete
Jack Decker – No Documentation
Justin Etts – Complete
Matt Fields – Complete
Kenadeed Gilmour – Complete
Ryan Greaven – Complete
Tucker Griffin – Complete
John O’Donnell – Complete
Dan Viani – Complete
Harrison Zraly – Complete

13u – Coach Santoro
Nick Cuccia – Complete
Joe Flannagan – Complete
Stephen Latino – Complete
Derek Lo – Complete
Pat Naughton – Complete
Justin Rhynders – Complete
Kyle Santoro – Complete
Alex Starzyk – Complete
Brandon Tobin – No Documentation
David Verdis – Complete

14u East – Coach Breitfeller
Mike Donnely – Complete
Nick Fasone – Complete
D. J. Folkes – Complete
Kyle Flanagan – Complete
Peter Gregory – Complete
Chelston Hilton – Complete
Jack Kolosky – Complete
John Mulvey – Complete
Nick Porter – Complete
Ben Qualters – Complete

14u West – Coach Moore
Andrew Barry – Complete
Ken Massaria – Complete
Connor McCutcheon – Complete
Aden Gilmour – Complete
Austin Stewart – Complete
Devon Shaw – Complete
Austin Beck – No Documentation
Dom Cirilli – Complete
Randy Strom – Complete
Chris Walczyk – No Documentation

15u – Coach Rhynders
Zach Cone-Douglas – Complete
Dan Fadden – Complete
Steve Franklin – Complete
Kevin Kelly – Complete
Chris Metz – Complete
Omar Perez – Complete
James Rhynders – Complete
Kelby Santoro – Complete
Andrew Sisung – Complete
Jordan Schlissel – No Documentation

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