15 East Comes Up a Little Bit Short

At the end of the weekend the 15 East team ended up with a 1-3 record, but played very competitive. We played our first game very close especially down 20-10 at halftime and coming back to cut the lead to as little as 3 and eventually would fall in a defensive battle. I was very impressed with the effort and the fight shown in the first game. Something changed for us though in the second game. We came out flat and just got run off the floor. We were down 13 at half and eventually fell by 20.

New day means a new start and thats exactly the way they approached the game. With Coach Moore at the helm, the East team was able to pick up a tough win in a 49-43 game. Nothing like having to play again right away though. Being in the consolation bracket we had a team from another bracket waiting for us right after. Playing them very well in the first half, the ran off a 10-0 run to create another halftime deficit. Yet again though we came fighting back and cut the lead to one with under a minute. We would fall 44-43.

The theme of the weekend was pretty simple………FINISH……… We needed to finish around the basket in the first game and from the free throw line in the last game. This team plays pretty good defense, but we need better shot selection and better exectution on the offensive end. Let’s keep our head up and keep fighting.

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