April 27/28 Weekend Tournament Information

The schedule for our third tournament this weekend is now available.  Dates, times, and locations are posted on the Zero Gravity Basketball website (www.zerogravitybasketball.com) and can also be accessed by CLICKING HERE which will bring you to “Tourney Machine.” Please note that each division will have an opportunity for additional games on Sunday if they qualify.  Additional games will be TBD.

The following Edge teams are listed on the Tourney Machine schedule as follows:

14u East – Listed as 8th grade North on Tourney Machine
14u West – Listed as 8th grade South on Tourney Machine
16u – Listed as 10th grade West on Tourney Machine
17u – Listed as 10th grade East on Tourney Machine

The posted schedule sometimes changes. Any changes that are made are completely out of our control and all teams and organizations are expected to maintain a level of flexibility through the weekend. In the event of a schedule change, I will send out an immediate “Edge Athletics Alert.”

There are multiple locations for all games and all divisions.  Please make note of the addresses listed on the Zero Gravity website.  You can also find them by clicking on “Places” at the top right hand corner of Tourney Machine.

Please remember to adhere to the strict uniform dress code. See the AAU contract for details, but its pretty simple. Your uniform and only the uniform is to be worn. Undershirts, leggings, sweat bands, shooting sleeves, etc. are not permitted.

Good luck to all of the teams and athletes!

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