Need parents to help…

For those who attended our information meeting earlier in the year, I spent a fair amount of time explaining our game uniform dress code and the rationale behind it. Although I recognize that it is difficult for me to monitor every team and athlete, the coaches are directed to enforce it. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. If I am in attendance for any team and see that a player is out of code, I will address it and have the athlete fix it as soon as comfortably possible. The coaches will be reminded for this weekend to ensure their athletes adhere.

BUT, I am asking all of our parents to help out with this. If you were not at the meeting, and are not sure what the code is or why we have it, please contact me. The code is pretty simple. Issued uniform only. No shirt of any kind under the Jersey (including athletic shirts), nothing under the shorts that can show, no leggings, arm bands, shooting sleeves, headbands, wristbands, etc. are permitted.

Please help us. They are your kids and you can make our jobs easier by just ensuring your athlete adheres!

Thanks very much.

Jim Santoro

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