COVID-19 Impact To Edge Athletics

The COVID-19 virus continues to wreak havoc to our community. I am trying to put together a way that the impact to Edge Athletics is minimized. As such, I am asking that the parents in our program attend a meeting so that I can lay out both a short term and long term solution that will keep our program going.

Because of the guidelines restricting gatherings to 20 or less, I am going to ask that parents come to one of six meetings this Sunday evening at PDS (March 15) according to the following schedule. We will meet either inside or outside of the Lobby depending on the weather:

11u – 5:00pm
13u – 5:30pm
14u East and West – 6:00pm
15u – 6:30pm
16u North and South – 7:00pm
17u – 7:30pm


Coach Santoro

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