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To all parents, below is an email that I received from Chris Hughes, the Director for the tournament.  It is intended for coaches only, but has good information for parents as well.  Please take a moment to read through it so that you are familiar with how the week will go.
Good morning.  Hope all is well with you as you prepare for the end of the week and your travels.  I wanted to sent you an email with some reminders of some things you MUST have with you as well as provide you a list of all the activities that will be going on during the week and other important information.  We still have rooms at the Seavers apartments if you wish to stay on campus and not have to commute all weekend.  Please contact me today to get your rooms and cancel your hotel reservations, you still have time without being hit with a cancellation fee.
A.  Registration
  • Will be held on Wednesday at the Heiges Field House from 2:00 PM through 9:00 PM
  • You must have a report or grade card, copy of birth certificate, and a photo of each player.  Failure to provide any one of these the player will not be allowed to participate.  We are not going to have issues like we have for the past two years with coaches stating they will have it before the single elimination round and then having teams challenge it to make sure it came.  No paperwork means no play.
  • All money due must be handed in at this time.  Checks or money order only made out to the American Youth Basketball Tour. You will not be allowed to play until all money is paid
  • Team give-away’s again this year will be a Cinch Bag, so make have something to carry them away in.
  • You will provide us with your players names who will represent you in the 3-pt shooting contest and hot-shot contest(see below for more details)
  • You should have your permission to treat form in your folder, along with all of your contact information so that if we need to reach you we have it right there.
  • Each team will only be given (3) wristbands for coaching staff.  Head Coach, Asst Coach, and scorekeeper and must be worn around their wrist the entire time. Anyone caught abusing this will be asked to leave immediately without any questions asked.
  • Each player will receive a wristband which must be on their ankle, bag, or shoelace of the sneakers.
  • Spectators will purchase a band at the site of your first game, they MUST be worn, no exceptions.  We will be placing the bands on the wrist so we can control traffic going in and out of the gyms.  Please make you parents aware of this before you arrive.  We will have a copy of this email to show them as proof that you were made aware of this before the event started.
  • Money for B.B.Que is due along with how many tickets you will need (see below for more details)
B.  Game Play
  • Each game will count to the seeding of the single elimination round.  A scorebook will be at every table which the home team will be responsible to keep and turn the score into the gym director right after the game is over. We need these to properly keep standing and update them in both facilities throughout the day for you and your fans.  DO NOT REMOVE THE BOOK FROM THE TABLE.
  • Home team will give the game ball and have an adult keep the official book.
  • Visiting team will provide an adult to keep the game clock.
  • You are responsible for the behavior of your players and coaches, as well as your fans.
  • Shippensburg University in conjunction with us do not permit any coolers inside of the gyms, please do not try to bring them in we will ask you to remove them.  A concession stand will be at each gyms for you.
  • Anyone caught using an ineligible player will be subjected to a forfeit and possible removal from the event.
  • Be at each game at least 30 minutes prior to the start time, we like to keep the game moving so your fans do not have to sit around and wait to see their sons play.
  • Clean up your bench area right after your game so that the next team does not have to sit in your trash.
  • There will be 3 minutes between games and 3 minute half-time.  Only (2) time outs thirty second time outs per half with no carry overs.
  • No games will be decided by sudden death.  All games will continue to have a 3 minute overtime until a winner is decided.
  • If anyone receives 2 technical fouls or is ejected from a game, that person is not permitted to play or coach in the next game.
C.  Single Elimination Round
  • Seeding will be determined by your first 6 games.  The home team who is keeping the book MUST report the score right after the game so we can keep the standing updated properly and throughout the day.  A book will be a each scoring table for you, please do not remove them as we already have every game inside you just need to place the names for each team in them.
  • Tie Breakers will be determined 1.) Head to Head, 2.) Points against, 3.) Record versus common opponents, 4.) Coin Toss
  • All seeding decisions are final and will not be discussed once they are posted Friday evening.
  • Failure to be at your game on time will result in a forfeit, no exceptions.
  • Winning team in the single elimination round should report the scores to the gym director immediately following the game so we can keep the brackets updated for everyone.
D.  3-Point and Hot Shot Competition
  • 3-Point and Hot-Shot contest will be held at Heiges Field House on Thursday evening at 7:00 PM sharp. If your player is late they will not be allowed to shoot.
  • Each team will have only one player represent them for each contest except the B3/4 division where they will have 3 players each because of only having two teams in that division. Please do not ask to enter more.
  • Each team must provide their player at registration, so please determine it prior to coming.  We will not be adding names once the event starts, if you do not provide your names then you will not have a representative at the contest.
  • We will go over the rules with the contestants that evening prior to shooting so they know how then event will be run.
  • The top three in each division for each contest will walk away with an award
E.  Activities throughout the weekend
  • We will name an all-tournament team.  You will have one player from your team on it and each player will receive a certificate and have their picture on our web site.
  • We will have a movie for everyone to see in one of the air-conditioned buildings each day, of course it will be basketball related.  Times for the movie will be posted around the gyms for all to see.  No cost and everyone is welcomes, but teams should be accompanied by an adult.  We ask that you clean up after yourselves when leaving.
  • We are working with Shippensburg to get some pool time for the players.  The pool can only hold 50 people at once, so it is a little difficult to get all the times to accommodate everyone but we will have that posted as well once we get it resolved with the University.  Teams may not swim unless the coaches are present, we are not providing an security or life guards as well as Shippensburg will not.
  • On Friday evening the University will be holding a B.B. Que from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM  for everyone at the lower pavilion down by Seavers Apartments.  The cost is $12.00 per person for all you can eat and tickets must be purchased by Wednesday at registration so that they know how much food to cook for us.  The menu includes: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Garden Burgers, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Dessert, Lemonade and Ice Water.  This will be a nice get together to just hang out and talk to other teams will we are finalizing the single elimination brackets.  If you can go to this event I would really like to see everyone attend as it is something new this year.
F.  Staying on campus
  • If you are staying on campus, please make sure to bring towels, sheets and a pillow with you.  None will be provided by the university.
  • The rooms are air conditioned and also each room has cable for you but you must bring a TV.
  • No drinking is permitted on campus
  • No more than 6 people to a room and a minimum of 4.  We will be checking to make sure that this is being followed.  You must provide us with a list of everyone staying in each room.
  • All money will be due at registration and checks can be made out to the American Youth Basketball Tour.
  • Keys and meal cards will be handed out at registration and you will turn them in on Saturday morning at Heiges Field House before you leave.
Again we are looking forward to a great event this year and with all of the added activities it should be alot of fun for the players, parents, and yourselves.  The more you take advantage of them the more we will be able to offer you in years to come.  We hope that you all have a safe trip and if you have any questions, please contact me before Wednesday morning as I to will be leaving to go down to Shippensburg at that time.
Safe travel and see you Wednesday.
Chris Hughes
AYBT East Coast Regional Director

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