More Information About Nationals

Here is more important information regarding Nationals.  First off, I have lost my cell phone and just activated a new one.  If you have sent me a text message in the last three days and you have not heard from me…..that’s why.  Also, in losing my phone, I have also lost all of my contact information.

Now for some Nationals highlights.

*  Schedule is now available and a link posted.  Here it is again.  Click Here for Schedule

*  I am missing the following documentation.  If you have not given it to me, I am leaving tomorrow morning.  You can drop it off at my house, or please bring it to me Wednesday when you arrive.  It is important that I have it.  If your name is on the list below and you have given me the documentation, please call me ASAP. (845-264-5078)

Garrant – need Birth Certificate and photo – Have Report Card
Greaven – now complete
Viani – need everything
Flanagan, Joe – need report card
Paradiso – need photo
Cirilli – now complete

*  For those staying on campus, there is cable, but you need to bring your own TV.  Rooms are air-conditioned. Need to bring your own pillows and linens….sleeping bag will also work.

*  If you looked at the schedule, you will see that all games are over fairly early in the afternoon.  There are contests Thursday evening, and a tournament barbecue on Friday.  For those staying on campus, the fee for the barbecue is only $3 and $12 for everyone else.  IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING (AND IM HOPING WE GET A GOOD TURN OUT…..IT SHOULD BE FUN), YOU NEED TO REGISTER WEDNESDAY EVENING.

*  Please make sure you bring all of your gear…..sneakers, uniforms, etc.  Believe it or not, some athletes do forget and it doesnt make it fun.

* Each team is responsible for either doing the clock or keeping the book.  I need to have parents help out here for each game for each team.

*  The tournament director has informed me that every spectator must wear their wristbands for the week.  I think they are going to enforce it this year.

* There will be movies each night for anyone interested in relaxing in air conditioned rooms!  They will be basketball related.

* All teams will play at least one game on Saturday.  Single elimination tournament should go no later than Saturday afternoon.

I think thats it for now….see you all in PA!

Coach S.

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