Urgent: Update on Weekend Tournament Schedule

May 12, 11:00am – The new schedule is now posted for this weekend.  Although there are changes that effect EVERY team, most changes are subtle, some are not.  Here is a summary of the critical changes (See the web calendar for the details):

14u East and West time and location has changed for Friday evening.
15u is now playing on Friday evening.
16u East is now playing on Friday evening, with two games on Sunday.

Also, it is likely that the location of the 14u East game on Sunday will be changed.  That change will be made on Saturday.  I will post it along with any other updates when I receive them.

Click Here for the link to the official schedule on the tournament website

May 11, 11:00am – The tournament for this weekend was posted to our website calendar late last night.  HOWEVER, I received a call from the tournament director this morning informing me that the entire schedule MAY change.  They pulled the schedule link from their website and will repost it tonight with the new schedule.  The director indicated that its possible that our teams MIGHT not be affected.  As of now the only changes that we know he is considering that does impact us are our 14u East and West on Friday evening (The East is scheduled to play at 6pm and the west is scheduled to play at 7:10.  Those two games might be flip flopped), and the 16u East team (They currently are scheduled to play 3 games on Sunday only, with a possible fourth on Sunday if they make it to the championship game.  Don’t ask me why they did this because I have no idea).  Therefore, we are going to leave the web calendar as is until I see the revised schedule this evening.

Please just keep in mind that the entire schedule may change.

A few other notes…..we did not post the championship times.  All teams will have the opportunity to compete in a championship game if they win their respective pools, except for the 17u division. The 17u division champions is determined by who wins the one pool.

And finally, just a reminder that the 11u and 12u are not playing this weekend but will be playing the weekend of June 18/19.  The 11u and 12u will practice this Saturday.  Time will be determined at Thursdays practice.

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