Update! Important On Campus Housing Information

Update on unit assignments.  We paired some occupants in order to maximize the unit availability and to meet the requirements given to us.  Please see the new list at the bottom of this post.

The following information was emailed to all those that signed up for on-campus housing with the exception of the Nelson family (did not have email address).

To all those planning to stay on campus,

For the last three months, I have been trying to get questions answered regarding staying on campus.  It is just now that I have received some of the answers to those questions.  There is some good news……and some not so good news.  Here it is….

At Hershey, I was told that we definitely had the opportunity to stay on campus and that the cost per person would not exceed $60 per person for both room and board.  The meal plan includes dinner on Wednesday, three meals on Thursday and Friday, and breakfast on Saturday.  The requirement is that we must stay Wednesday through Friday, with checkout on Saturday.  The way they have packaged the pricing, the total price is about $60 per person when considering the one meal on Wednesday and Saturday.  Therefore, the total price is $165 per person for the entire stay for adults and athletes 10 and over and $155 for anyone under 10.  The bad news is that the meal plan is mandatory for all those staying on campus because the school is under contract with the food service provider.

On the good side, I have also been told that we do NOT have to fill the units completely.  They are asking for a minimum of four persons per unit.  However, given that they just got back to us on the meal plan requirement, they are willing to give us further relief and can keep the price per person in tact even if we only have half the unit filled.  Looking at the list of room requests, this could be a big help. However, in order to be fair to other teams and organizations, I am still asking that we try to complete full units to maximize the number of units available for everyone.

As far as process and logistics, payment is made upon check in on Wednesday evening.  I am also trying to work something out that payments can be made to Edge Athletics, and then I will simply write one check to the tournament.  Will let you know in a few days.

All in all, I still think staying on campus is a good deal and will be a good experience for all of us giving it a try.

Anyone that has not handed in the required player documentation, please do so ASAP.


Jim Santoro

Unit 1
Johny O’Donnell
Kelly O’Donnell
Shannyn O’Donnel

Ishmael Chisolm
Shirley Chisolm
Richard Chisolm

Unit 2
Nathan Nelson
Mark Nelson
Donna Nelson

Jim Peabody
Dan Peabody

Unit 3
Jim Rhynders
Justin Rhynders
James Rhynders

Stephen Naughton
Pat Naughton
Zach Cone

Unit 4
Ann Marie Rhynders
Maryann Naughton
Martha Higgins

Lisa Schlissel
Jen Cone
Susan Smith

Unit 5
Ronnie Paradiso
Mark Paradiso
Joseph Paradiso


Unit 6
Mr. Gilmore
Aden Gilmore
Kenna Gilmore


Unit 7
The Burke Family
Full unit

Unit 8
Mr. Sisung
Andy Sisung
Jordan Schlissel


Unit 9
Jim Peabody
Dan Peabod


Unit 10


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