Shippensburg 2010 Documentation Status

As of Monday, July 5, several teams are in jeopardy of not participating in Nationals.  Below is a status of the documentation that has been submitted.  If you have not submitted your documentation, we need you to do so ASAP.  If you are not going to Nationals, you need to let me know ASAP as well.  We counted on every athlete participating unless indicated otherwise early in the year.  This is a major tournament and requires full rosters.  Thanks!

Documentation Required –  Copy of birth certificate, photo ID or a recent picture, copy of current year report card.  All three are required.  If you cannot provide one of these items, please let me know ASAP.  The following is the status:

11u – Coach Peek

Tyler Adams- No Documentation
Casey Burke- Complete
Corey Burke- Complete
Nick Gartner- No Documentation
Ray Kupetz- No Documentation
Ryan Lo- Complete
Andrew Moreira- No Documentation
Hayden Peek- No Documentation
Sam Peek- No Documentation
Charlie Perez-
Khari Whitemore- No Documentation

12u East – Coach Peek
Connor Charlebois- Complete
Dean Esposito- Complete
Nicholas Esposito- Complete
Tyler Folkes- Complete
Shane McDonald- Complete
Danny Napora- Complete
Jordan Pomarico- Complete
Brandon Rucker- Complete
Vincent Santos- No Documentation
Jon Stumberger- No Documentation
Drew Wright-Complete

12u West-Coach MCEnroe

Colin Bemis- Complete
Jonathan Diaz- Complete
Stanley Garrant- B/C and Picture Needed
Evan Greco- Complete
Dupre Humphries- Complete
Eric Jones – Complete
Timothy Reilly- Complete
Jacob Sellman- Complete
Adam Wennersten- Complete
Drew Whiteley- Complete

13u East – Coach Santoro

C. J. Burke – Complete
Ishmael Chisholm – Complete
Sean Delaney- No Documentation
Justin Etts – Complete
Kena Gilmour- Complete
Ryan Greaven – Need Photo
Joe McClendon- No Documentaion
John O’Donnell – Complete
Alex Strom-Complete
Harrison Zraly – Complete
Tucker Griffin- No Documentation

13u West- Coach Moore

Jack decker- Complete
R.J. Edwards- Complete
David Fadden- Complete
Matt Fields- Complete
Alex Flynn- Complete
Ryan Metz- Complete
Arjun Reddy- Complete
Kevin Smith- Complete
Dan Viani- No Documentation
David Wallace- Complete

14u – Coach Santoro and Coach Verdis
Nick Cuccia – Complete
Joe Flannagan – Need Report Card
Stephen Latino – Complete
Derek Lo – Complete
Pat Naughton – Complete
Justin Rhynders – Complete
Kyle Santoro – Complete
Kyle Flanagan- No Documentation
Melvin Girard- Complete
David Verdis – No Documentaion

15u East – Coach Breitfeller

Dom Cirilli- Complete
Mike Donnely – Complete
Nick Fasone – Complete
D. J. Folkes – Complete
Peter Gregory – Complete
Jack Kolosky – Complete
Nick Porter – Complete
Randy Strom-Complete
Tyrece Whitaker- Complete
Nick Wynne- Complete

15u West – Coach Moore

Angelo Alvardo- No Documentation
Andrew Barry – Complete
Ricco Feaster- No Documentation
Ken Massaria – Complete
Connor McCutcheon – Complete
Aden Gilmour – Complete
Ben Qualters- Complete
Alex Starzyk- Complete
Devon Shaw – Complete
Zach Wilminski- Complete

16u East – Coach Kutchma
Zach Cone-Douglas – Complete
Tyler Dahlin – Complete
Charlie Merget-Complete
Nathan Nelson- Complete
Dan Peabody- Complete
Chris Metz – No Documentation
Rahiem Mincey- No Documentation
James Rhynders – Complete
Kelby Santoro – Complete

16u West- Coach Kutchma

Dan Fadden – Complete
Steve Franklin-Complete
Jonathan Higgs- No Documentation
Chelston Hylton- No Documentation
Kevin Kelly- Complete
Greg Leslie- Complete
Omar Perez – Complete
Mark Paradiso- Need Picture
Jordan Schissel- Complete
Andy Sisung- Complete

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