Practice Cancellations Explained

This has been a tough week for Edge Athletics practices.  First, we had an unexpected snow storm on Monday, closing schools and preventing practices to be held at PDS.  We also could not use Lourdes this week (or next week) due the school play, limiting our flexibility.  And, as some of you saw tonight, we lost PDS for the next four days because of the school auction being held in the gym this weekend.

Although the auction has been scheduled for quite some time, there was some miscommunication between the school and I.  Usually doesn’t happen, but I did not see this event on the schools website calendar.  I apologize for this untimely inconvenience.

As a result, our teams would have had to go into this weekends tournament with either one or no practices.  But we were able to get some gym time at the Jewish Community Center on Friday.  Although the times are not ideal,  we will be able to get at least an hour for the teams that did not practice at all this week.  Please make every effort to attend, but the coaches will understand if you can’t make it.

For those teams that are not practicing tomorrow, your coach will have your uniform for you this weekend.

Thanks for your understanding.

Coach Santoro

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