Weekend Tournament Schedule Now Available

The tournament schedule for this weekend is now available and posted to our website calendar.   Click Here to view the entire tournament schedule for each team and for game sites and directions.   Each team will play 3 regular bracket games with two on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Teams may be eligible to play additional games if they win their bracket.  Please plan on playing additional games on Sunday.

Uniforms are also in and will be handed out at the remaining team practices this week.  Please remember and follow our dress code for games.  Below is a summary:

  1. No shirts of any kind under Jersey
  2. No sports leggings of any kind are to be worn
  3. Nothing can be exposed below the shorts line
  4. Socks must be either white, black or grey
  5. Both socks must be the same color and calf or lower
  6. No headbands, sweatbands, wristbands, etc

General guideline is that nothing but uniform is to be worn during games.

Good Luck to all of our teams!

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