Practice Days and Times Changed for this week

Due to the holiday week, teams practice days and times had to be changed.  We apologize for the late notice and inconvenience, but we want to ensure that we could get some practices in.  They will be reflected in the website calendar.  Below is a summary of this weeks changes:

11u – Wednesday practice is RESCHEDULED to Thursday at 5:00pm.  Friday’s practice is CANCELED.
12u – Wednesday practice is RESCHEDULED to Saturday at 1:00pm.  Friday practice TIME changed from 6:30pm to 5:00pm.
13u – NO changes this week
14u – Tuesday practice is CANCELED
15u North – Thursday practice TIME changed to 6:30.  Saturday practice is CANCELED.
15u South – Thursday practice RESCHEDULED to Friday at 6:30.
16u – Tuesday practice TIME changed to 6:45pm
17u – Wednesday practice TIME changed to 6:30.

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