Tournament Schedule Update

Entry into our first tournament has been confirmed for April 12, 13, and 14.  It is a Zero Gravity Tournament and will be hosted by several schools and colleges in Dutchess and Ulster Counties.  Edge Athletics is co-hosting this tournament and will be playing some of our games at Poughkeepsie Day School.  The weekend schedule will NOT be available until a few days before the tournament.  We will post it on our calendar as soon as we get it.

Practices will be modified for the week prior to allow for teams that practice on Saturday to get time during the week before.  We will do our best to avoid conflicts.

Although the spring 2013 tournament schedule has been updated, we are still waiting to hear from some of the tournament directors before we can lock in the final schedule.  The schedule can be viewed by going to the AAU tab and clicking on Tournament Schedule.  You can also click here.

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