Recently, Kevin Devaney Jr., posted on his blog what he considered to be the top 50 section 1 boys basketball playoff games that were played at the Westchester County Center in the last decade. Kevin has and continues to do an incredible job covering not only basketball but high school sports in general. His analysis of the top 50 games was both insightful, informative and entertaining. It also brought back great memories, especially for those that participated in them.

It is hard to agree or disagree with the order in which Kevin ranked the games. It’s his opinion and all of the games were exciting for the reasons he cited. Although the summaries that were written were accurate and the feel of the games were captured, they were certainly from a “Westchester” point of view…as they should be and as they would be from the home town media.

As a coach of one of the Dutchess County teams on the outskirts of section 1, I remember the games a little different…or maybe just from the “Dutchess” perspective. So I am going to take Kevin’s format, and provide how we in Dutchess County remember the games. The combination of the two views will certainly give everyone something to remember and talk about with our kids when we are all retired and watching our grandchildren play!