Specialized Shooting Tips and Strategies

As a shooting instructor for the last twenty plus years, I have put together “Shooting Tips and Strategies.” The concepts below are a combination of working with athletes helping them to modify and improve their shooting form and technique, my time spent working and training with and learning from world renown shooting instructor Coach Dave Hopla, and playing and training with my close friend Duke shooting guard Tom Emma. Some of the concepts are also taken from Tom’s handbook, “The Ultimate Shooter’s Improvement Handbook,” and modified based on my own experience. I will share individual tips over time as each one is important enough to garner individual attention.

As a side note, during my entire time working with basketball players, there are only four individuals that I have personally taught how to shoot. They are my four son’s, Robbie, Chris, Kelby, and Kyle. All of the other athletes that I have worked with learned from someone else. I, therefore, have only analyzed and modified existing shooting form and techniques.

Tip #1 – Every Shot Counts
That every shot counts may seem obvious when you’re talking about shots taken in a game, or even shots taken during drill work with your coach watching, what I am referring to are ALL shots taken…literally. Every shot you take is important to your progress including those you take just shooting in your driveway.

To become a great and consistent shooter, developing and honing your muscle memory and making that muscle memory permanent is critical. This requires that EVERY shot you take, no matter the importance or impact (or no impact) it may have given your environment, is executed with correct form. Be disciplined and approach all shooting activities with this in mind. It will go a long way to helping you reach your full potential.

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