Shooting Session Options

It’s not too early to start preparing for the 2024-2025 season! Come in to the Shooting Gallery and get thousands of shots up. Check out the options on the right side of this page.

Edge Athletics is now offering shooting sessions for ages 12 and up. As the AAU season continues, basketball players become consumed by the weekly practices and weekend tournament games. Check out this Post about the pitfalls of too many weekend games and not enough skill work. Although game experience is important, It’s also important to work on your skills. Shooting is a skill that every basketball player MUST be proficient at.

There are three critical concepts that are required for basketball players to become great shooters.

  1. Shoot the ball correctly – There is such a thing as the “Perfect Shot” but it’s incredibly hard to achieve. It is important that you have the basics down and work on improving your form through slight modifications over time.
  2. Shoot the ball often – depending on your age, basketball players need to dedicate time to shooting the ball…correctly. Some of the best shooters in the area are getting anywhere from 3000-5000 shots up weekly from a variety of spots on the court. If you are not getting at least 1000 shots up weekly, you will not become a great shooter.
  3. Track your shots. And not just the ones that you make! Everyone shoots 100% if you only count the shots that go in! This is the most critical part of improving your shooting percentage. Every shot counts, even the ones that you take in your driveway, tournament games, or on side baskets in a gym. Our coaching staff will set you up with a system to track your shots and help you understand the importance of tracking to become a great shooter.