Edge Athletics is excited to announce an extension to our AAU program called “Edge (+)”. It is designed to create stronger rosters that can compete in higher level tournaments through the summer. The main objective of Edge (+) is to create teams of the highest caliber and give the top players on that team an opportunity to compete in the most competitive tournaments and divisions with a clear emphasis on winning. Although the core principals of Edge will still be in place, the focus of these teams will be to expose higher level players to college coaches (for those age appropriate teams).

Although players that are on one of our current rosters will be offered a spot on the Edge (+) roster, the terms of participation will be different than our current program.

Our staff will begin forming rosters as our current program comes to a close.

Questions and Answers

Q. What age divisions will be under the Edge (+) program?
A. At this time we are looking to create rosters in the 16u and 17u divisions.

Q. Will there be tryouts?
A. No. Our staff will be identifying and selecting the highest level players we can get to fill each roster. Players that are not currently in our Edge program MAY be offered a spot and athletes that are age appropriate but playing “up” MAY also be offered a spot.

Q. If there are no tryouts, are all athletes that are currently on a roster be offered a spot on the Edge (+) roster?
A. Yes. However, the terms of participation will differ from the current program. This means that only those players that are in the “Top End” of the roster can expect to play in tournaments.

Q. What do you actually mean by the “Top End” of the roster and how do we know if we are in it?
A. The “Top End” of the roster basically means the best 7 or 8 players on the team. Those players will generally make up the rotation in game situations. As the rosters are created, you will be informed if you will be considered a “Top End” player and expect to be in the rotation for games.

Q. If only the “Top End” of the roster can expect to play in tournaments, does that mean that the rest of the roster does not go to the tournaments?
A. No. All players that are on the roster will be asked to go to the tournaments and be part of the team.

Q. How many players will possibly be on the Edge (+) roster?
A. We do not have a limit to the size of the roster. However, the intention is for only the “Top End” of the roster to compete in tournament play.

Q. Does this mean there are playing time limitations?
A. Yes. In creating the Edge (+) rosters, the intention is for us to compete at the highest levels with only the Top End of the roster competing in game situations. This means that there is no guarantee of any playing time in game environments.

Q. Why are creating the rosters in this manner? It seems a little unfair and exclusionary!
A. On the contrary, we are creating the rosters to be inclusive. Many programs, not only in this area, but throughout the country, ask only the best players to play in certain tournaments. Many times the selection process for those teams are off to the side and often “secretive” in nature. We want to be completely inclusive but upfront with all of our players. If you are on a current roster, you will be offered a spot in the Edge (+) program. We want you to continue to be part of Edge Athletics and represent and support your team in this higher level capacity. But we also want you to understand that only the best players will represent us in game situations.

Q. Will there be practices and does everyone participate in the practices?
Q. Yes. The teams will practice prior to each tournament. All those athletes on the roster will be expected to come to practice. Although the practices will be geared towards game preparation, all of athletes on the roster will work out together as a team.

Q. What tournaments and how many will there be?
A. We have currently identified three tournaments that we will attend. They are the Gym Rats Challenge in Albany NY (Memorial Day Weekend), Zero Gravity Finals in the Boston area (June, 9, 10, 11), and Spooky Nook in PA (July 8, 9).

Q. How much will Edge (+) cost?
A. Although we do not have a cost at this time, the intention will be to be a “pay as you go” system. The cost for each tournament will be divided up between the players and will include the tournament entry fee, gym practice time, coach’s travel and lodging expenses, and a small coach’s stipend.

Q. Will the cost be split evenly amongst all those on the roster?
A. No. The total cost will mostly be assumed by the “Top End” players. There is no fee for each player NOT in the top end of the roster. For example, If there are 12 athletes on the roster and 8 of them are in “Top End” end of the roster, and the total cost of the tournament is $1000, then the cost is simply divided by the 8 players.

Q. If I have additional questions, can I contact you?
A. Absolutely. Feel free to contact me either by email, text, or phone. By email – info@edgeathletics.com
Text – 845-264-5078
Phone – 845-264-5078