The 2024 schedule is now set. However, they do not become final until we have been accepted to each tournament. Tournament Schedules are typically published the Thursday prior to the weekend but minor changes could be made up until Saturday morning. Please check the schedule prior to leaving for your game!

The actual game sites may be within a 45 mile radius of the “Home Base” location. Please plan to be flexible!

Grade/Age Key for Zero Gravity Tournaments
11u – 5th Grade
12u – 6th Grade
13u – 7th Grade
14u – 8th Grade
15u – 9th Grade
16u – 10th Grade
17u – Varsity

2024 Schedule:

March 23/24 – Grand Opener, Westchester Area – Home Base
April 13/14 – Chase the Chain, Albany Area – Home Base (including Saratoga)
April 27/28 – King and Queen, Westchester – Home Base
April 27/28 – Newtown CT – Home Base
May 4/5 – Capital District Championship, Albany Area – Home Base
May 18/19 – Hall of Fame Classic, Springfield Mass Area – Home Base
June 1/2 – Empire State Showdown, Westchester Area – Home Base

Edge (+) Tentative For 17u only – Gym Ratz – Memorial Day Weekend, Albany Area

Tournament Format

All tournaments are independant events. Games will be scheduled at various venues typically within a 45 mile radius of the “Home Base.” There will be a minimum of three games played over the weekend with either two games on Saturday and one on Sunday, or visa-versa. There is also a possibility of additional games in the “playoff round” depending on how each team performs. We will generally not know if teams will qualify for additional games until the last game of the three game set is completed. Please plan on being flexible!