Do you ever wonder why some athletes have great apparent “Drill Skills” but lack the ability to produce in practice and/or game situations? Or why some athletes who can’t get the hang of the “Two Ball Dribble” behind the back sequence but can tear through any press and are able to get to the rim and finish?

The answer isn’t that obvious to most onlookers but at Edge Athletics, it’s been a difference maker for years. The athletes that train with us work on practical applications of their skill set that are used in real games. All training at Edge Athletics is designed for the single purpose of improving the athletes effectiveness and productivity in game situations. We don’t win awards for making cool looking Instagram videos. But we do train athletes to become better basketball players!

We have some of the finest skills trainers in the area that have not only played the college game, but have developed the skill to teach the skill. Make an appointment with by contacting