This program was developed with three basic objectives.  First and foremost is to put Respect back into the sport.  This simply means that we will require and demand that all students adhere to a basic set of principles that are outlined on this site. Second, the emphasis of this program is on Skill Development. You will learn the basics of basketball fundamentals with an emphasis on team man to man defense. Although the older age groups will be challenged with the highest level of competition, our focus will remain on improving basic and advanced individual and team skills.  Practice sessions are an integral part of the program and are mandatory.  In addition, you will have the ability to apply your skills through regularly scheduled games and tournaments.  Finally, the practice and game environment is centered around teaching a Work Ethic that has the highest level of standards.  Our theme is push yourself to the Edge and then expand your envelope.  After you have finished reading through this information, you will be able to decide whether this program is right for you.


Respect…for yourself, your teammates, your parents, your coaches, your officials, your fans, and for the game of basketball itself. I have coached for more than 30 years at many levels including camps and clinics, CYO, AAU, Summer Leagues, Junior Varsity, and High School Varsity. There has been an unwelcomed transition as more and more athletes today are preoccupied with how they look instead of how they play as an individual and as a team. Lack of respect for coaches, fans, teammates, officials, and parents all add up to lack of respect for the game itself. Our intention is to reverse this trend. We have rules for you to follow and they are not negotiable. Here are some: We have a dress code for practices and games. Game uniforms will be issued. The uniform and only the uniform is to be worn. No cutoff shirts, or any shirts underneath the jersey. No headbands, bandannas, jewelry, or off colored socks. Socks will be at the same length on each leg and will be of the same color as the rest of the team. Shorts will be worn at the waistline. Shirts will be tucked in. Although there is no practice uniform issued, you are not permitted to wear anything that will draw attention to yourself. You will be recognized for your work ethic, your attitude, and your performance. We have a standard for game, bench, and fan demeanor. You will not question officials calls. Trash talking and interaction with fans is prohibited. There are other rules. We will talk more about them at our information meeting, during screening, and throughout the season and are spelled out in our player/parent contract.

Skill Development

In our younger divisions, our goal is to evaluate each students level of ability, identify fundamental weaknesses and strengths, enhance the strengths and begin the process of turning the weaknesses into strengths. We start with the basics, teaching and requiring that each student shoot with proper form, dribble with both the strong and off hand with confidence, and play team man-to-man defense. We will build from there. Mastering these skills and then more advanced ones is essential. Part of the learning process is to be able to execute correctly in game situations. Although winning is important and we certainly do not teach to lose, we use our game environment to help master skills. Therefore, at times, we may lose games because we will require you to use your off hand to finish the play when it was appropriate to do so, instead of using your stronger, more confident hand when it was not appropriate to do so. We want to win, but not at the expense of development.

In our older divisions, although practices are still geared towards skill development, they are more advanced and will mirror varsity level practices.  Emphasis will be placed on team drills that help sharpen individual and team skills as a whole.  Even at the high school level, however, weaknesses in fundamental skills will be addressed.  Our objective is to prepare our athletes to not only compete at a high level in the current season, but to give them an edge for a successful season in their next high school year.

Work Ethic

Edge Athletics has a double edged meaning. First, the program itself is designed to give the student athlete an edge, not only over opponents, but in life. We hope that you will take away from your experience with us, tools that you can apply as you grow into adulthood. Secondly, we will instill in each student a work ethic that most will initially think is not possible. Our staff will use terms like getting ten pounds of baloney into a five pound bag, no gaps!, no stumbling allowed, and our theme of “push yourself to the edge of the envelope.” We accomplish this three ways beginning with our staff demanding that you work your hardest at all times. Although we expect that you will have fun, practices are not social hours. The staff will push you hard to get you to work hard. Next, practices are managed to the minute, with a game clock when available, with little or no fat time. They are created in advance with each practice building on the one before and each one setting a new work standard. The practice content consists mostly of drills designed to develop and improve the basic skills. Finally, we will teach you how hard you must work inside of each drill to become as successful as your body will allow. As we move deeper into the season, time will be dedicated to tournament and game preparation.